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This article focuses on Eric's Enchanted Forest persona. For his Storybrooke counterpart, see Eric.
You look familiar. Have we met?
      —Eric to Ariel

Prince Eric is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the sixth episode of the third season. He is portrayed by guest star Gil McKinney, and is the Enchanted Forest counterpart of Eric.

Eric is based on the Prince from the fairytale, "The Little Mermaid"; and the character of the same name from the Disney film, The Little Mermaid.


Before First Curse

In the Enchanted Forest, Eric is a prince of the Maritime Kingdom who meets the misfortune of a shipwreck and almost drowns, but is miraculously saved by an unknown savior. Since then, he's been plagued with dreams of that person's face. A year later, Prince Eric attends the year's Under the Sea Celebration paying tribute to the sea goddess Ursula. As he walks in, his attention is instantaneously piqued by a red haired woman from across the room. He smiles at her and she shyly begins making her way over to him, but in the process, stumbles clumsily to the floor. Prince Eric goes to her side to lend a helping hand up.

After learning her name is Ariel, he begins to suspect she looks familiar, and remembers her as the person who saved him from the shipwreck. Ariel refutes this claim; stating she is new in town. To this, Eric imagines perhaps Ursula saved him instead, and sent Ariel. When she shows interest in seeing the world, he invites her to an adventurous expedition, which is setting sail tomorrow. He promises to wait for an answer from her and is hopeful she will say yes. The next morning, he lingers at the balcony hoping to see Ariel, but to his disappointment, she never arrives. ("Ariel", "The Jolly Roger") For events occurring after the casting of the first curse, see Eric (Storybrooke).

Before Second Curse

After Regina takes preventive measures to undo Pan's curse, all the inhabitants of Storybrooke pay the price by returning to the Enchanted Forest. Prince Eric is kidnapped by the pirate Black Beard and put on Hangman's Island as a ransom. Ariel attempts to bargain for her beloved's whereabouts, and Black Beard promises to do so when Hook gives up on trying to reclaim the Jolly Roger. Hook refuses, and he pushes Black Beard into the water to his death. Ariel leaves to continue searching on her own; eventually coming across Eric on Hangman's Island where they now live together happily. Due to the island being outside the boundaries of the Dark Curse, Eric and Ariel are unaffected by it. ("The Jolly Roger")


  • The name "Eric" originates from the Disney animated version of the fairytale. In the original story, he is simply known as "the prince".
  • The name "Eric" is of Old Norse origin dervied from the words "ei" and "íkr" that respectively mean "ever" and "ruler".[1]