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"Rocky Road"

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"Breaking Glass"

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"Shattered Sight"


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Rock Troll Magic is a type of magic featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifth episode of the fourth season.


Rock Troll Magic users can remove, store and return other people's memories using magical purple rocks. It is not unique to Rock Trolls as it can be learned and practiced by other wielders of magic such as Ingrid. ("Family Business", "Smash the Mirror")



  • When Belle is looking up information on how to retrieve lost memories, she is reading a page about rock trolls. It says:

Trolls are creatures who are said to be formidable
telepaths and are said to ably employ subtle acts
of persuasion to bend others to their will.

Some earlier scolars [sic] even went so far as to
say that they have the ability to restore
memories that have been lost.

The Talismanic Adornments of the Rock Troll

TROLL NECKLACE [written in Elder Futhark runes]

Trolls can cast powerful enchantments – in particular spells used
to wrest someone's heart or mind.

They do this by the emanation of a magical frequency generated
through the crystals they wear about their body. The power of
this working is increased by their entire number acting
in unison.

The crystals made of andradite and peridot are worn by the
trolls also as protection and defense from the evil around
them including the machinations of men. ("Family Business")